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electronic led display problems and solutions

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electronic led display problems and solutions

1. Consider the user can allow led screen of the area of the body factors have?

(1) effective and practical field beyond the size of the relations;

(2) the pixel size and resolution;

(3) unit for base area estimate;

(4) screen body machinery installation and maintenance operation space;

(5) screen to the influence of body dip Angle distance.


2. The needs of user playback? What are those?

(1) text indicate that depending on the size and text: protest on demand;

(2) common video shows: 320 x 240 dot matrix;

(3) digital standard DVD: 640 x 480 display: dot matrix;

(4) complete computer video: 800 x 600 dot matrix; :


3. Environmental brightness for screen body what brightness demand?

General brightness demand is as follows:

(1) indoor: > 800 CD/M2

(2) half indoor: > 2000 CD/M2

(3) outdoor (it faces north) : > 4000 CD/M2

(4) sits outside (> 8000) : CD/M2


4. Red, green, blue white in the composition of what kind of brightness demand?

Red, green, and blue in the white looks aspects contribution is different. The basic reason is due to the human eye retina for different wavelengths of light feel different and cause. After a great deal of experiments verify get the following about proportion for reference, design:

Simple red, green, blue brightness for: 3:6:1 than

Accurate red, green, blue brightness for: 3.0:5.9 than: 1.1


5. Why upscale widely used to use pure green tube?

In the actual LED display production, should choose high luminous efficiency and can get show color rich bright three colors LED lamp, in order to make in a chromaticity diagram color as far as possible the triangle area in and near tongue shape, color spectrum curve to satisfy the rich color and produce enough brightness and tongue shape curve top for 515 nm wavelength of light, so high-grade led panel choose 515 nm wavelength is closer to the pure green light tube, such as selection of LED 520 nm, 525 nm wavelength of light or 530 nm LED lamp.


6. In clear brightness and the requirements of the density of some conditions, how to computer single pipe brightness?

Calculation method are as follows: (the two red, a green with a blue, for example)

Red LED light degrees: brightness (CD) / M2 earning points/M2 x 0.3 earning 2

Green LED tube light degrees: brightness (CD) / M2 earning points/M2 x 0.6

The blue LED light degrees: brightness (CD) / M2 earning points/M2 x 0.1

For example: 2500 per square metre, 2 R1G1B point density, each square meters brightness demand for 5000 CD/M2, the:

Red LED lights for: 5000 earning degrees 2500 x 0.3 earning 2 = 0.3

Green LED lights for: 5000 earning degrees 2500 x 0.6 earning 2 = 1.2

The blue LED lights for: 5000 earning degrees 2500 x 0.1 = 0.2

Each pixel brightness for: 0.3 x 2 + 1.2 + 0.2 = 2.0 CD


7. Why choose DVI display interface standards?

(1) DVI display card interface is accord with international standard display computer interface;

(2), no need to open box can be convenient installation;

(3) the video memory is high, the dynamic pictures showed ability;

(4) software and hardware compatible ability;

(5) support all operating systems and application software, display is flexible and convenient;

(6) mass production, low cost, easy maintenance.


8. Display can use notebook control, and why?

Can't. Notebook computer graphics CARDS are built-in, unable to realize and control system of connection.


9. A full color, use the canal and the use of homemade pipe in addition to what the price difference?

(1) the core: day and independent production company, domestic core tube tube generally use the United States or Taiwan company core tube;

(2) packaging: day and the company independent packaging, domestic production factory, no more manufacturers domestic tube packaging;

(3) consistency: the pipe, tube with group of core, good consistency are smaller wavelengths, domestic tube consistency are relatively poor;

(4) use life: day and the use of life is opposite long, domestic tube decays more serious;


10. Indoor module with a full color patch a full color have what differentiation?

(1) shine part: full color display module module for yellow green, general pure green module price is more expensive; Patch a full color generally use pure green core tube;

(2) display effect: module a full color pixel visual sense of thicker, brightness is low, easy to have Mosaic phenomenon; A full color patch have good consistency, higher brightness;

(3) maintenance: not easy maintenance, full-color module of whole module replacement cost is higher; Full color easy maintenance, can patch single lamp maintenance to change;


11. Outdoor screen can use stick LED, why, why? Watch

Can't. Outdoor led screen installation requires strict structure, LED to the patch outdoor bad environment;

Outdoor screen brightness demand higher, at present the patch cannot reach outdoor screen LED the brightness demand.


12. Outdoor led screen production cycle why is the longest?

(1) raw material purchasing: LED lamp purchase with a long cycle, especially imported pipes, and ordering cycle to core 4, 6 weeks;

(2) production process complex: to a PCB design, cover production, encapsulating compound shell, the white balance,;

(3) structure is strict: general for cabinet design, need to consider wind, rainproof, lightning protection, etc.


13. How to help users to select a suitable screen?

(1) showing the contents of the needs;

(2) visible distance, the Angle of view of confirmation;

(3) screen resolution body requirements;

(4) the installation environment requirements;

(5) the cost control of;


14. The display of the general 3 how much is scale?

Graphic: according to the content of the led display screen determined;

Video screen: generally is 4:3 or close to "; Ideal for 16:9 ratio.


15. A set of control system can control points?

Communication screen A card: monochrome, double color 1024 x 64

Communication screen B card: monochrome: 896 x 512 double color: 896 x 256

DVI double color led display: 1280 x 768

DVI a full color: 1024 x 512


16. led display installation requirements?

Power supply: the power supply connection point should be required in screen size within the body

220 V power supply, the zero line utility grounding lines;

380 V power supply, three lines of utility a 0 line grounding lines;

The wire with 0 line the same cross-sectional area;

10 kw above screen should add step-down start equipment.

Communication requirements: communication distance is communication line length is defined.

To display model installed the communication line length standard to install the communication line.

Communication lines and power cable with a ban in pipe line go line.

Installation requirements: screen around installation level, sloping is not allowed

Lifting up and down to the regulation pole

Hanging before installation pack leaning off hook

Installed to want to add support bolt positioning.

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